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Canadian Deanna Sorensen had a dream, made a plan, and walked 5000km across Australia. She walked alone, without a support crew, pushing her tent, food and water in a Baby Jogger.


Covering a marathon distance a day, she walked east from Perth across the desolate plain of the Nullarbor, the brown landscapes of South Australia and the green pastures of Victoria, making friends among the generous Australians she met along the way, before finishing her walk on the golden sands of Sydney's Bondi Beach.

Deanna's solo crossing of the continent is an inspiring tale of self-motivation, proving that you don't have to be an elite athlete to achieve the extraordinary, you just need elite determination.

'Going The Distance: a walk across Australia' was published in 2003 in a 284-page paperback edition with 16-page colour photo section. ISBN 0 9750021 0 4.

"This book is a triumph over the doubting Thomases of the world. It shows that if you have the raw guts and a belief in yourself, you can do anything, even if you have to do it just one step at a time.

"In these days of multi-million dollar contracts for sports people who spend just an hour or so on the fields of play, it is enlightening to read about a woman who, without any major sponsorship whatsoever, was prepared to punish her body and mind. Not just for an hour, a day or even weeks, but literally months, pushing through relentless physical and mental torment just to prove her dream was achievable.


"Deanna Sorensen is a woman of conviction; she walked 5000km across Australia to make a difference to her life. Anyone who cares to dare the demons of doubt within themselves and make something of their journey through life should read this book."

Pat Farmer

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