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on the road

PERTH TO Sydney 180 days

Baby Jogger loaded, long road ahead!
Leaving Perth behind
People on the road would donate.
Beautiful - but never-ending road!
Entering the tree-less plain...
5 days between roadhouses
Camping out on the Nullarbor
Trees again! - also emus, camels...
Getting serious clicks behind me...
Border Village - from WA to SA.
Finding night spot in the forest...
Victoria greens and waterways.
Wildlife on the road...
And animal shelters to visit
Raising donations for the R.S.P.C.A
At Warnambool R.S.P.C.A.
Heading for the line!
Made it to Bondi
Through the tape
Congratulation calls
Made it.
I walked across Australia!
Wrote the book!
The 'lady with a baby' rumours
The Times, Ulladulla
The Times Columnist, Canada
Ultra-fit magazine
Today's Runner
The book!
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